1.6.20 – It’s June it’s June it’s June! I hope you all enjoyed your half-term in the sunshine. Mrs Jones has prepared some amazing science and art activities for you

Art ideas for the first two weeks of term are available in the document below:

Science – Materials. Mrs Jones has planned a fantastic term of work for you all. The first two documents below are the plans for the Infants and Juniors. The first page outlines the Learning Outcomes we are aiming for (what we want you to be able to do when we have finished the unit of work). Then there are six lessons set out – we will do one per week 🙂

Resources for Week One (First two for infants, third for juniors)

Now if you are one of our youngest children or would like to try a science investigation, try this one to begin with – we will post a different one each week.

Thank you Mrs Jones ❤❤❤

22.5.20 – Goooood morning everybody! Can you believe it is Friday again?! It’s half-term next week so make sure to relax and enjoy a break. We should have been in London this week watching Matilda the Musical. Never mind! I have posted two videos below so we can all watch some of it together ❤

Before we get more exciting literacy, JUNIORS, A PINCH OF MAGIC is currently free on Amazon Kindle! If you or your parents have a Kindle, you can download the book for free now here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0746P8HXW it is really good 🙂

Enchanted Wood Chapter 21 – Silky’s Clock is very Clever. Well, what a crazy, corking clock! Thank Goodness they can escape from the ghastly school room! Can you draw me a bright, colourful picture of Silky’s clock? Perhaps when it is doing its funny dance?

The Witches Chapter 20 The Triumph. Ha! This is a brilliant chapter when those wicked witches finally get their comeuppance. Draw a picture of the chaotic scene – I expect to see a lot of small, brown-coloured rodents in your picture from the chapter 🙂

Boy at the Back of the Class Chapter 20The Cold Stream Guards. Phew it all gets sorted out without any of them going to prison! I love the children’s letter to the queen ❤
Unfortunately, she isn’t at home at Buckingham Palace on the day the children are there; she is at her other little place in Windsor. Windsor is a beautiful town and Windsor Castle is amazing – it was built in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror. Can you do some research and find some fascinating facts about Windsor Castle please? When was it built? Has it experienced fire before? Who has lived (lives) there? etc.

Mrs Wallen’s Group

Middle Group. In Mr Clarke’s own words, he has ‘gone quite mad with measuring’ today. You, dear children, are the lucky recipients. GET INVOLVED, BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!

Older Juniors – oh don’t worry darling Juniors, have a look at these measurement bangers!!!

We have already had videos of superheroes, adventures in Rocking Land, now is time for…ROBIN HOOD ❤❤❤

21.5.20 – Post from Magnificent Mrs Jones ❤

Hello to all of you!

 I hope you are keeping safe and well. I’ve loved looking through your work on the blog. I especially loved Oliver’s model of London – wow!

For those of you who have done some gardening, how big are your plants? These are the ones we planted in the first week of lockdown. We have onions, peas, tomatoes and courgette plants – can you guess what each plant is?

Please don’t feel under any pressure to complete these tasks but here are some ideas for activities to do at home to cover the wider curriculum.

We are still finding the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons really useful but have also discovered this site https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom which has some great lessons on it too. Also, the STEM site now has home-learning ideas on  https://www.stem.org.uk/home-learning/primary.

Art – Pop Art

The juniors had a brief look at the work of Andy Warhol earlier in the year. Watch this video (made by Tate) to find out more.

On their website https://www.tate.org.uk/kids there are some ideas for creating your own masterpieces:

Mugginton Mini Art Project – Infants and Juniors

Although we may be in lockdown, the wonderful world of nature is still thriving. Look outside your window, sit in your garden or maybe take a short walk and observe the beauty of springtime in bloom. I would like to invite everyone to take part in a spring art project. Can you create an image of springtime? Look at the presentation for ideas and examples.


I hope that you’ve all had time to listen to lots of your favourite pieces of music and practise playing your instruments! If you play an instrument, have a go at composing your own piece of music. I can’t wait to hear you perform again when we get back into school.

Do you know what these tricky music words mean juniors?

Pulse, rhythm, duration, tempo, melody, pitch, harmony, texture, dynamics, structure, notation.

You can find out more here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zwxhfg8

You could:

  • Choose one or more of the words and make a poster explaining what it means.
  • Make a glossary.
  • Try to use some of these words to write a description of your favourite piece of music or your own amazing composition.


We will need to update our art lesson playlist soon so start thinking about which songs you’d like to see on it…


To follow on from the lesson on maps, find out what latitude and longitude are:


I can’t wait to see you all again soon,

Mrs Jones x

21.5.20 Post One – Hello everybody! Hmmm, the sun seems to be playing hide and seek at the moment… Here is a very short post with some maaaaaths and English. Post Two is from Mrs Jones and has lots of lovely art and design ideas :)

Mrs Wallen’s group
. How did you get on with your shape-building? I am sure Norman Foster would be proud.

Middle Group AND Older Juniors – Measurements. Everybody needs to do Mr Clarke’s two corking pieces of work, using grammes and kilograms.

Enchanted Wood, Chapter 20 – Off to Dame Snap’s School. Dame Snap seems very strict and she asks her class some very interesting questions! Can you imagine that the children arrive in the Land of Your School? What would it be like? What would you do? Would you have lots of fun or would it be very strict and strange?

The Witches – Make sure you have read chapter 19 and have completed the work using our super vocabulary from yesterday.

The Boy at the Back of the Class – Make sure you have read until page 210 and completed the questions from chapters 16 – 19 posted yesterday.

As always, please email if you need any more challenges 🙂

20.5.20 – Good morning everybody! Phew, what a scorcher! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. What have you been up to? My Mother has gone slightly crackers and decided to cut her little dog’s hair – he now looks like a partly-sheared sheep!!!!

First, look at Joe’s beautiful origami flowers! Alice was very happy you could follow her instructions, well done Joe, you are a star!

The Enchanted Wood Chapter 19 Moonface gets into a Fix.
Firstly, watch and listen to the beautiful and lovely Jane Asher read the chapter here. So, Moonface gets them stuck in the land of Take What You Want – I suppose there are worse lands to be stuck in!
How would you escape with the children? What would you take from the land? How would you use it? I am sure we will have some very cunning plans!!

The Witches Chapter 19 – Mr Jenkins and His Son. Uh oh, Mr Jenkins finds out what has happened to Bruno in this chapter… As always, Dahl uses some excellent descriptive vocabulary in his writing. Here are some examples. Look each word up and write a sentence using the word, your sentences can be about anything
1) Striding
2) Calmly
3) Certainly
4) Stammered
5) Asinine
6) Splutter
7) Mischievous
8) Practically

Boy at the Back of the Class Chapter 19 – The Queen’s Palace. Wow, things.are.heating.up. The children have made it to Buckingham Palace and events are in motion… The questions I have set for you are based on Chapters 16 to the end of Chapter 19. I can’t wait to see your answers 🙂

Mrs Wallen’s Group.
Ohhhh how many shapes have you found during your adventures this week? Well, today, can you make a 3d shape? For example, a 3d square is called a cube (it looks like a dice!) and a 3d rectangle is called a cuboid. What can you create?

Mr Clarke’s Group. It is all about the measurements, this week! Here are two sets of activities to work through.

Older Juniors. First, we need to look at measurements too – we have not done a lot on converting different units of measurement this year. Complete These two pieces of work and then, if you are still hungry for more, here is a super-hard maths grid for your enjoyment 🙂