23.6.20 – What a day we had yesterday! It was so lovely to have more of you back. We had so much fun in the sunshine and we even had time to squeeze in a little maths and English in between! There is a caterpillar update, a phonics video and maaaaaaths papers for your delectation!

Here is a caterpillar update

Here are some photos of our day at school🀍🀍

Ahhhh maths. Did you ‘enjoy’ the papers yesterday. Well, guess what? Here are the reasoning papers to give with them πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Start the KS1 paper from Question 6 πŸ™‚

Here is a phonics review for our youngest children

22.6.20 – Good morning everybody, good news: it’s going to be…SCORCHIO this week :) AND we are welcoming back more of our children. We can’t wait until all of us are back together – we miss you lots and lots

For our youngest children, here is a science activity for you to try – I love Rainbow Jars!!

Now, Mr Clarke and I would hate for you to think we had forgotten about how much you adore arithmetic tests. Here is a Key Stage 1 (Y2) and Key Stage 2 (Y6) paper from 2019. Try whichever suits you most. If you do KS2, don’t worry if some of the later questions are too hard, they should be! Make sure you are confident using columns to add and subtract, football goal division and long multiplication.
If you do KS1, don’t worry if you get some wrong, we all make mistakes. But, it is important that you know which method you should use to answer the question. Is it column addition, a number line or sharing? You can do it!


Slime – Read chapter 20 and answer these questions πŸ™‚

Rumblestar Chapter 13. Once you’ve read this chapter about the Damp Squib, I think you might see some similarities with Greek Myths, especially Perseus and the Grey Sisters with their one eyeball (Yuck!).
Today, I’d like you to look up some information about the Polish artist, Jacek Yerka, who is a surrealist painter. Here are some examples of his work…

Wow, they are certainly out there – good old surrealism! After reading a bit about Yerka and choosing your favourite of his pictures, can you draw a favourite scene or place from Rumblestar, using Yerka’s work as inspiration?

Friday 19th June – another week has gone! We can’t wait to see more of you next week. We have set some different tasks here, one based on a lovely video and a simpler one based on the latest crave sweeping school: ping pong ball tricks!!! Enjoy

‘Only Love, Brother’. ‘We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.’ If the Immortal Hulk Hogan AND Albus Dumbledore are in agreement, it must be true. Have a look at this video with Mummy or Daddy

Now, have a talk with them about what the video showed and what you think the message was. If you are an older junior, please look through the powerpoint and complete the activity with a parent.

Now then, the craze sweeping Mighty Mugginton… ping pong tricks!!! We spent hours trying to recreate some of these corkers. Can you create your own trick shots and send them to me? Have a look at this video for inspiration

What’s that? You need some more maths activities you say? Of course you can have some, enjoy these rock hard arithmetic questions and word problems involving rounding!

If the weather is nice, why don’t you go outside and read a chapter of your book? In school, we have reached Chapter 13 (p130) of Rumblestar, Chapter 15 of Slime and Chapter 9 of the Magic Faraway Tree.

The quality of work children in school have produced on Rumblestar is AMAZING. Have a look

Ohhhh but everybody else has been extremely busy too! Have a look

Finally, the afternoon was dedicated to funny artwork thanks to a BRILLIANT idea from Mrs Sweeney’s daughter, Lily, and, you guessed it, ping pong trick shots!

We can’t wait to have this lovely little girl back with us next week, especially if she is producing beautiful work like this!!!

Thursday 18th June – Good morning everybody. Another week is passing by; it is going far too quickly! We can’t wait to see lots of you on our Zoom call at 11am today and to see some more of you back at school from next Monday. We miss all of you :)

Here are plenty of stunning science and geography activities from Marvellous Mrs Jones. Don’t forget to finish your maths and literacy from earlier in the week.

Science – So, first, here are the plans. Please look at Week 3 activities, the resources should be just below

Geography – Here are the plans! Again, have a look at the Week 3 activities πŸ™‚

Wednesday 17th June – Hello everybody, I am so sorry this update is late – I have had a small to medium sized crisis trying to upload the videos of Infant Caterpillar maths. Buuuuut, they’re ready now so here they are, plus lots of things for older children too β€

Maaaaaths for Little Ones and Middle Group. Again, sorry for the delay. We are going to use our caterpillars to learn more about measures and bar charts. First, which Mrs Wallen introduce the topic to the children in school

Ohhhh what a task! So, we’ve seen the caterpillars and talked about measurements and bar charts. And now, we are on to feet! Once you’ve followed the video, watch the next one below:

And finally, see what you need to do next…

Older Juniors. Ohh don’t you worry my dear dear juniors, we haven’t forgotten you. Mr Clarke has prepared a sensational powerpoint on rounding before one of the great class quizzes of all time. You’ve guessed it, also on rounding…

Magic Faraway Tree – How Can They Escape? Sooo, I hope you read this chapter yesterday? How did they escape from the Enchanter?? Thank goodness they had some magic pink ointment which made the table and bench fly! If you had some magic pink ointment, what would you rub it on and why? What would happen? I would rub my pink ointment on a sparrow to make it bigger. Then I would fly over the fields, valleys and streams on its back!

Slime Chapter 15 – finish your games – I like the idea of snakes and ladders with just snakes! Please make sure to send me a photo when you complete your game.

Rumblestar Chapter 10 and 11 – Ohhhh my, things really happen now they are travelling on their very luxurious sounding canoe. They meet some utterly remarkable mythical creatures such as a Griffin, the Midnights, the Jailbirds and Manticores. Your job is to draw whichever creature you like the sound of, once you have completed your map from yesterday.

The Brilliant, Barmy Bennetts have done some super work at home. Have a look at these lovely photos

16.5.20 – Good morning, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday afternoon, Collective Worship is at the bottom. In the next post, when the Internet works (!), there will be new topic resources from Mrs Jones and lots of videos for our caterpillar-to-butterfly maths! Enjoy :)

Mrs Wallen and Middle Group – measurements, line graphs and bar charts.
Once they finally upload, have a look at the next post with the videos of Mrs Wallen introducing the maths with these beautiful, tiny caterpillars. Remember to use a ruler to remind yourself of centimetres and millimetres and, eventually, you can use this to measure your feet!

Older Juniors – Rounding. Here is the work Mr Clarke is enjoying with the older Juniors today.

Mrs Wallen’s Group – The Magic Faraway Tree
Chapter 8. Enjoy reading this chapter with Mummy or Daddy and make sure you have completed your work from yesterday.

Slime – Please read up to chapter 15. Draw and redesign a board game in Slime-Style! I love the ones in the book – Snakes and Ladders with no Ladders! How about ‘Crocodile Dentist’ with a real crocodile!!! What can you think of?

Rumblestar Chapter 9 – Things.Are.Starting.To.Heat.Up! So, we get to learn a little more about the bizarre locations of Rumblestar and some more of the crazy, curious creatures there. Your job is to create your own map of this bizarre world, including as much detail as possible. Can you include Slumbergrot the giant and what about the Ballooners and the Lofty Husks? Here is an example of a map from the book… good luck

15.6.20 – Hello everybody, did you hear the thunder and see the lightning yesterday?! I managed to get out for a run with Timmy and was very happy to bump in to Austin and Iris. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Magic Faraway Tree Chapter 7 – Mr Change-About and the Enchanter
– Goodness me what a chapter! We meet Mr Change-About who goes from big to small and from kind to angry in seconds. THEN, we meet the enchanter who captures them! Gosh. To relax you after reading, here is a Faraway Tree wordsearch to complete πŸ™‚

Slime Chapters 12 – 13. I hope you are enjoying the book – David Walliams books are always a winner! Here are some questions for you to enjoy from Mr Clarke

Rumblestar Chapter 8 – Hmmmm interesting chapter with a bizarre character introduced. What a great choice of class reader from Alex!

Mrs Wallen’s Group and the Middle Group
– It is all about caterpillars and Bar Charts and Line Graphs this week. Mrs Wallen has got some caterpillars and we are going to measure them and plot their growth on different charts and graphs. A photograph/video and some measurements will be posted on the blog tomorrow morning. In the meantime, it is very important you remind yourself of millimetres and centimetres for this week. SO, if you are one of our younger children, use a ruler to measure five objects in centimetres, then measure the same object in millimetres. What is the pattern?
If you are older or more confident, you can try some of these rock hard line graph questions – you may need an adult to give you the odd clue πŸ™‚

Older Juniors – Ahhhh rounding. Lovely lovely rounding. So, it is time to practise rounding numbers. Here are some warm up questions for this week. However, if this is too easy and you motor through, please try the graph questions similar to those the Middle Group are doing. Enjoy πŸ™‚

I will add some of Mrs Jones brilliant science and topic work to the blog later in the day. We miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon 🀍

12.6.20 – Hello everybody, can you believe we’ve finished another week?! It has been so lovely to see you at school or on Zoom & to see all the things you have been doing. Here is some work, some challenges & 2 AMAZING videos – a new film advert and some amazing ping pong trick shots! Have a lovely weekend πŸ€

First, here is an amazing film advert created by the girls at lunchtime today – I can’t to see the premiere in London and Hollywood!!!

Next, look at these incredible trick shots. What a superstar you are!!!

Here is a really fun challenge from Mrs Jones. Each set of emojis is a famous children’s book – some are modern, some are not – I needed help with number 17!!!! How many can you get right?

Now, I know that you will be desperately craving more maaaaaths and English work. Here is a set of Number Lines and two arithmetic papers, one aimed at around Year 3/4 and one for Year 6. See how many you can get right πŸ™‚

For Literacy, make sure you have completed Chapter 6 if you are reading Magic Faraway Tree and Chapter 11 if you are reading Slime. Here is the Rumblestar work which should give you plenty to do, even if you started it yesterday.

One of the many rotten things about the Lockdown and school closure was that it forced us to cancel exciting trips like the theatre visit to see Matilda and the Residential at Lea Green. The document below suggests some Home Learning challenges you could try to get at least a sense of the excitement of a residential….

We miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you soon

11.6.20 – Hello everybody, I hope you are having a good week. We loved seeing some of our juniors today on a Zoom call. Don’t miss the message from Mrs Jones at the bottom :)


Magic Faraway Tree Chapter 6 What Can They do Now? Poor Silky, Saucepan, Moonface and Joe. Will they ever get down the Faraway Tree again? Luckily the Goblin has a spell to shrink them! Can you think of 3 things you would like the Goblin to shrink and explain why? I would like the Goblin to shrink me to the height of the grass so I could explore the garden and see all the little bugs in the soil.

Slime Chapter 11. Your task is to imagine that you are a Headteacher of a school (I recommend it!). What type of Headteacher would you be? Would you be like Mr Wrath, like Mr Green or somewhere in the middle?! What rules would you have and why?

Rumblestar Chapter 7. I have set a lot of work here which you can complete today and tomorrow, ready for Monday. There are some comprehension questions on chapters 6 and 7 and writing task to create a factfile on how to look after a dinosaur pet. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Mrs Wallen’s Group. We have had lots of fun writing out our times tables in chalk on the playground this week. Can you write out your 2, 5 and 10 times tables (up to 12) and time how long it takes you to finish? If this is easy, try doing your 3s as well.

Middle Group – I am very impressed with the maths work you have sent me over the last few weeks. Can you use your maths skills to get EVERY question correct on this arithmetic paper? Good luck!

Older Juniors – Ohhh we have done lots of area, perimeter and volume this week!! Here are a range of questions on area and perimeter – can you get them all right without any help? Good luck


Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. It was fantastic to see so many of you on our Zoom call today. The highlights for me were Ava’s pigs, Wayu’s chubby seal, your lego and artwork and hearing about the Kingfisher and Dipper that Emelia and Theo saw on their walk.Β  It’s lovely to hear your news and see what the children in school are up to.

Mugginton Art Challenge

For those of you who were not able to join the call, we set ourselves a challenge to complete over the next few weeks. I’d like everyone to decorate a pebble/stone. Paint or colour the background then use a black pen or paint to draw a design on it that represents you. Mine would probably have a black cat on it, musical notes and something to do with science! Make sure you write your name and the date on it. If you have PVA glue or clear nail varnish, a coat of this will make them shiny and stop them from fading. We will then display these in the planter outside school or in the flowerbed outside the junior classroom. If you are able to deliver your rock and add it to the collection at some point then that would be fabulous, if not then bring it with you and add it when we all go back to school.Β 

Science and Topic

If you get chance, please look at the science and topic plans on the blog. These are six week plans (for Infants and Juniors) that the children in school and at home can complete. Mr Green will upload the resources that go with them on a weekly basis.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Mrs Jones x

10.6.20 – Hello everybody, how are you all. We are having another super week at school but miss you all. Thank you for joining Mrs Jones’ epic Junior Zoom call today, it is so nice seeing you all :)

Magic Faraway Tree
– Please finish your scroll and send me a photograph – we can’t wait to see them.

Slime – Read Chapter 10 – their school rules are…extraordinary! Can you compare the Mulch school rules with ours at Mugginton? Which is better, why? Why do you think we have the rules we do?

Rumblestar – Read Chapter Six (up to page 71) and complete your writing task. Ava’s is below as an amazing, awesome example!

Mrs Wallen’s and Middle Group. Keep practising those number lines. Can you plot the number which is exactly half-way on your number lines and the then plot numbers given to you by Mummy or Daddy. For example, if you have 0 and 120, what number is halfway? Where would 93 be? How about if you had 10 and 110, where would halfway be?

Older Juniors – Volume

Thank you so much to the amazing parents who joined us for Mr Clarke’s morning workout. Look at these videos! Our parents are definitely getting involved!

Finally, this lovely family has sent me some of the terrific work their boys have been doing at home. Beautiful writing and lovely, creative artwork. You are superstars, boys!